As some of you may or may not know I used to have a blog over at together with @hellamsel. Technically it still exists but I wrote the last post a long time ago so at least for me this wasn’t really working out anymore.

The #1 reason for that definitely is lack of motivation to write a lot (plus twitter) and I don’t know if that is going to change a lot but there are other things too. One is that I want to gather all my stuff here at and not have it spread around too much. Also I wanted to start writing in English which is a bit strange to do on a blog that was written in German for five years. And finally I have the feeling that now I can maybe write about some really technical stuff too. Like for example that this blog is based on jekyll now and why that is extremely cool.

Of course everything here is still very rough, but I wanted to release early and iterate and improve often.

If you release something and you’re not embarrassed about it, you released to late

I forgot who exactly said that (or something along the lines of it) but it was someone smart and keeping with that I just released this now :) The next thing to include will definitely be comments, so you peeps can tell me what you think. Ok?