Standards based HTML and CSS. I like playing with the newest technologies here, like HTML5 and CSS 3, but I can also get the stubborn browsers from Microsoft to behave.


Unobtrusive Javascript applied with progressive enhancement. It is the core of every web app and the sugar coating of a good website. Sweet up!


It is important that we make the web accessible to everyone. I can get you started with WAI-ARIA, WCAG 2.0 and lots of accessbility understanding.

User Interface & Interaction Design

Keeping complex interactions and interfaces as simple as possible is key to making your customers happy. I like using wireframes and other prototyping during the first design phases.

Direct Customer Contact

Working directly with our customers is something I really like. It is engaging to sit down with our customers face to face and create some great solutions together.

Project Lead

Organizing and leading a small team in some of the projects definitely equipped me with new and important skills.


Wienfluss Website

The Relaunch of the offical website of the Vienna Tourist Board in June 2009. With more then 5.500 pages in 12 languages, it is one of the most challenging projects I have been part of. Read more about it in these blogposts.

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript: Complete frontend planing and implementation.
  • Accessibility: Very high accessibility standard including things like an accessible mediaplayer and usage of WAI-ARIA.
  • User Interface Design: Wireframing, User Interface Design for the more complex User Interactions. Read my blog post about it.

Wienfluss BMWFJ Website

The challenge creating this website was to get the information architecture right. Much work was spent on the main menu, ending up with something easy to understand and still full of content.

  • HTML & CSS: Implementation of many complex template variants. Including large accessible data tables and a mobile template.
  • Javascript: Javascript helped adding emotions to an otherwise straight website which led to the slideshow in the header and the carousel on the homepage. Both are accessible, the slideshow can be paused and the carousel can be used with the keyboard as well.

eAMA Forms

Wienfluss eAMA Templates

eAMA is an agricultural eGovernment platform which enables its users to handle their adminstrative tasks online. It is soon to be relaunchd with major usability and design improvements.

  • Formdesign, HTML & CSS: Creating a flexible template that can be used in many different combinations of complex forms while remaining light and easy for the users.
  • Javascript Enhancements: Form validation on blur and on submit, tooltips, contextual help and autosuggest fields make filling out those forms easy as pie.


Wienfluss Website

The main purpose of is to help people in family and general life difficulties. Apart from the editorial content the most valueable asset is the search tool for the more than 400 family advice centers in Austria.

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript: Complete frontend planing and implementation.
  • User Interface Design: Easy to use search tools including a geolocation search.
  • Project Lead: Project organisation and customer care.

Accessible Web Toolbox

Wienfluss Accessible Web Toolbox Website

The goal of the Accessible Web Toolbox was to create a set of accessible widgets that you'll find in many Web 2.0 websites and applications. Things like keyboard accessible sorting and WAI-ARIA enabled Inline Editing. The Project is on the home stretch, so not everything is finished yet. Don't forget to check out the sourcecode too.

  • Layout, HTML, CSS: I designed and implemented the layout for the simple underlying website.
  • Javascript & Accessibility: The project was all about accessible Javascript. What if there is no Javascript? What about keyboard and / or blind users? A lot of thought was put into answering these questions satisfactorily.


Wienfluss Flussdialog Website

The idea behind Flussdialog was to create a simple to use online questionnaire for a survey about rivers. The challenge was to make the long questionnaire as fun as possible to get many people to participate.

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript: Large click areas, Javascript form validation and image lightboxes are the highlights here.
  • Information Architecture & Interaction Design: Presenting the questions and explanatory texts in a way that is easy to understand and motivating. Website

My blog where me and my friends write about stuff that matters to us. We're online since 2005 and enjoy having a place to put our opinions and little anecdotes out there.

Have a look and read a little ( when's the last time you relaxed a bit, hmm? ). Drop a line in the comments if you feel like it.

writing and coding

Apart from writing articles I've made the Wordpress template myself. It evolved over the years and I am really happy with it. I like the light colors on the dark background, and the collapsible sidebars. The states of which will be remembered for your next visit of course. You wouln't have expected it any other way, right?


Time App

Time is a little web application that enables you to track your spent time in an easy way. I have quite some ideas to extend it. Just type your task and hit Start, that's it. After stopping you can Resume your tasks too.

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