Hi, my name is

Peter Minarik

I am an iOS Engineer at SoundCloud in Berlin.
I shoot photos.
I try to blog.
I tweet toot thread.
I am.

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Some of my GitHub projects

When typing into a computer at work just isn't enough


In 2018 I wanted to document custom URL schemes on iOS. These allow apps to talk to each other, so I called the site AppTalk. Everyone can contribute app URL schemes so the site deos not to get stale (of course since then β€œShortucts” came along and made the concept more obsolete πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ).


When SwiftUI came out in 2019 it was lacking a grid component. So I set out to fill that gap with GridStack. Apple ended up adding LazyVGrid at WWDC 2020, so if you only need to support iOS 14 and up you should use theirs.

Watch Playgrounds

While prototyping an Apple Watch app I wanted to be able to do just that on my iPad inside of Swift Playgrounds. To get a better feel for how the UI looks on the Apple Watch I created frames of all available sizes as a SwiftUI component inWatchPlaygrounds.